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Article Selected >> Disabling browser cache to force current data into your screen
Sometimes I assign a message to myself in the Manage Msg page, but when I load the My Queue page I don't see it until I force the page to reload. How can I make sure I am seeing the current version of that page?
Your browser will cache previous versions of a web page to improve performance. It is keeping a copy of that page locally on your machine, which has older data.

You can force your browser to load the most recent version by pressing Ctrl-F5 or set the browser to always get the latest version as below.

  1. Opened up the FireFox browser
  2. Typed about:config in the address bar
  3. Typed ‘cache’ in the search bar, and looked for: network.http.use-cache.
  4. Double clicked  network.http.use-cache in order to set it to false. (BTW, Double clicking it again will set it to true and re-enable the cache)

Internet Explorer
  1. Open Inter Options
  2. Click on General - Browsing History - Settings
  3. In Website Data Settings choose "Check for new versions of pages - Every time I visit"

You can run Chrome in "Incognito Mode" by selecting this option from the Chrome options menu or pressing Ctrl-Shift-N. Or, you can set the browser in permanent no cache mode as follows.

  1. Press the Start button, click into the search window and type Chrome (don't press Enter).
  2. Wait for a shortcut to Chrome to appear. Then right click on Chrome and select Properties.
In the Google Chrome Properties window, find the field labelled "Target".
  4. Add the following line to the end of the target patch. If the path to chrome.exe is surrounded by double-quotes, make sure that the line is added after the closing double-quotes. Insert a space before this text
--disk-cache-dir="z:\" --media-cache-dir="z:\" 
The drive letter (z in this case) must be a drive that does NOT exist to the user. It sets the cache as a location that does not exist so no cache is saved.

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