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Article Selected >> Simple example for filtering messages to a new topic
I have mailing coming into a new mailbox and I need to have it split between two topics. What are the setup steps required for this configuration?
One of the most common configurations within iService is to filter mail into different topics based upon text within the message body. The steps for configuring this assuming that your mailbox, topics, and skills have not been created yet is shown below.

Step 1 - Create your new skills
if you are filtering your messages into separate topics, you probably want to limit the agents that handle each group of messages. You will need to create a skill to limit the assignment of messages corresponding to each topic. In this example we will call these skills topic1 and topic2.

After you create your skills, don't forget to assign them to the agents or departments that will need them.

Step 2 - Create your new topics and assign skills
When you have your skills created, go to the admin tools – segments - topics tab and create the topics that will hold these messages. Assign the corresponding skill to each topic. In the example below, you can see that the skill was associated with its corresponding topic.

Step 3 - Create a filter that will identify messages and set the appropriate topic
The most common approach for filtering messages is to look for matches in the subject or body. This example searches the body for the word topic1.

Step 4 - Add the filter to the appropriate group
In this example, we are changing the topic of the incoming message. So, we will add this group to our Topic Changes group.

Step 5 - Create your mailbox and assign your new filter
If you don't already have a mailbox, your final step will be to make the mailbox and assign your filter. In most cases your group filters will be combined into a single master filter as shown below. Although the default topic can be set to any topic desired, the filters will override this when there is a match.

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