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How do I setup my Exchange server to forward email from a mailbox we want popped into iService to your email server?
The process of forwarding email to an external server is relatively simple. The first step is to ensure Exchange is configured to "Allow automatic forward". The second step is to create a local user in Active Directory that has the external target email address. You then simply forward mail from the internal mailbox to this new user, which is the outside mailbox.

1. Enable Forwarding at a Global level

Forwarding must be enabled on the Exchange 2003 Server(s) by the mail administrator. This is performed by opening Exchange System Manager, drilling down to the Global Settings and then Internet Message Formats option. Within the Message Formats container, choose your message format(s) (probably the Default one, unless you have modified this), and view their properties. On the Advanced tab, check the box marked "Allow automatic forward".

2. Create a new user for the external address (

An external email address cannot be entered directly into the Delivery Options section of your existing mailbox. Instead, you need to create a Contact object in Active Directory, and enter the 1to1service External Email Address for forwarding mail to here.

Right-click in Active Directory Users and Computers, choosing the New menu. Select the 'Contact' item from the list. Enter the appropriate information on the first page. Use a name that is logical, and preferably includes the 1to1service domain. When it looks correct, click Next. If there is an issue (the most likely being a clash in the Full Name field), you will be notified of this before you can proceed.

On the next page of the wizard, you are now prompted to create an Exchange Email Address. Remember that when creating a contact, no mailbox is created, and no login is created for the contact account. It is simply a placeholder which maps an internal Active Directory object to an external email address. Pressing the Modify button on this page enables you to choose the 'SMTP address' option, and enter the email account to which the email will be forwarding to.

3. Forward mail from the existing mailbox to the new contact created in step2.

In order for us to forward mail to the new 1to1service contact, we need to edit the properties on the original account. Pull down the right-click menu on that user account, and choose Properties. You will now be presented with the standard properties dialog for that user account. To configure the forwarding element, you need to switch to the Exchange General tab, and then click the Delivery Options button. The Delivery Options dialog box will open.

Under the 'Forwarding address' section, choose the 'Forward to' option, which will enable the Modify button. You can then press 'Modify' and choose new contact from Active Directory created in step 2 above.

There is no need to check the "Deliver messages to both forwarding address and mailbox" unless you want to retain a copy of all messages that are forwarded to iService.

If you are using Exchange 2010, the procedure is similar and there is a TechNet article describing this final step 3 at the URL below.
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