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Can I create a filter to capture the bounce reason code from the body of undeliverable messages?

You can capture the bounce reason from most undeliverable messages using a new interaction property (Bounce Reason) and a filter that looks for the reason code. This is a three step process as shown below.

STEP 1 - In the first step, you need to create the interaction property that will hold the bounce reason code. This will save the code into the database and can be used on reports or to simplify finding the reason when you view the bounce message. If you wanted to be really fancy, you could setup a series of filters to substitute a more descriptive description ... but for our purposes this will be a simple example. The image below illustrates creating the interaction property.

Creating the interaction property

Step 2 - Next,  you need to create the filter that will capture the bounce reason and place it into the property we just created. This filter will use a regular expression to find the word "said" in the body of the undeliverable message returned from the mail server. In most mail servers, the word "said" is followed by the actual bounce reason. An example is shown below.

 host[] said: 552 5.2.2 Over quota

The setup of this Set Interaction Property filter is shown below.

The Set Interaction Property filter 

Step 3 - Add the new Bounce Reason filter to the existing filters that you should already have to reclassify bounce messages. Most tenants have two filters that find bounces based on the sender (postmaster or mailer-daemon) or the subject line. These filters usually take the action Change Topic to the predefined topic of _Undeliverable.  Simply add a second action that will run the new filter created in step 2 above. This filter is illustrated below.

Adding a second action to the bounce filters 

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