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What options do we have for setting the From and Reply To email address? Is there a way we can mask the email address so that it is not visible to the recipient?
Email addresses are presented to the recipient in the format below:

Display Name <>

Most mail clients, like Outlook, will show the display name and the email address after it when you open it for reading. The Display Name is displayed by itself in the list of messages. There is no process for “masking” the email address so that it won’t show up. In fact attempting to do that would probably be against the law even for transactional messages according to the CAN-SPAM act.

iService has the ability to set the "From" and "Reply To" address to be anything that you'd like. However, the domain that is used (,, etc.) needs to be authorized by the owner of that domain. We do this by providing the owner of that domain with SPF and Domain Key settings that they add to their DNS records. When you use the iService OnDemand service, we work with your network administration team to get SPF and Domain Keys configured.

This is required for two reasons.
1) Without authority to send from that domain, the messages might be considered as having false and misleading "From" address information by the receiving mail server. This would violate the CAN-SPAM act.
2) The majority of the messages would be discarded by the receiving mail servers, and would never be delivered to the recipients. In addition, their is a chance those mail servers would block all mail from the mail server that we use in delivering your mail. This obviously negates the purpose of sending the email in the first place.

The setup is pretty simple and only needs to be done once. The One-to-One technical support team generates the information based on the domain you are using, and we help whomever needs to make the DNS changes to get it setup. The process is fast, straightforward, and ensures a high level of message delivery.
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