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How can I troubleshoot missing messages in iService? A customer has told us they sent us an email but we don't see it in our iService tenant.
Incoming email could be lost at various places along its journey from the sender to iService. These steps and trouble shooting tips are shown below.

ActionTroubleshooting Tip
Message Sent
When a user sends an email, there are various reasons why it might not get past their local mail server. The user could have network connection problems on their machine, a misconfigured email account, or their local mail server could have issues delivering the message.
Message received by your mail serverWhen the message lands on your own mail server, it might be quarantined or blocked for various reasons (SPAM, Message Size, Etc.). You should check the SPAM or quarantine on your local mail server.
Message delivered to inbox If the message arrives within the mailbox that is monitored by iService but does not make it into the iService database, we might have failed to retrieve it.In this case there would be a log file within the Website or MailPopper folder of the iService server.
Message retrieved from inbox If the message is retrieved and removed from the mail server inbox, then it could be in the iService database but fail processing into an interaction. In this case, check for server logs and also run the Extract Failed Messages option from the Management Console.
Message processed Its possible that the message was processed but you never saw it within the message queues. There could be a filter that is automatically resolving the message, for example. Once you find the interaction in the iService history you can view the audit trail for the message to determine when and how it was resolved.

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