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Article Selected >> Deleting or moving mailboxes
I have a mailbox that I no longer use. Can I delete it or move it to another segment?
Deleting Mailboxes
iService does not currently allow the deletion of mailboxes. This is because they are tied to many objects within the database, and various constraints are needed to ensure data consistency.

Moving the mailbox to another segment
As a workaround, the mailbox can be moved to another segment by directly editing the Mailboxes table within the iService tenant database. Only one record needs to be updated, but you must change all three of the following fields to appropriate values for the new Segment.

1. SegmentID
2. Topic
3. Filter

The following SQL Queries can be used to perform these actions.

Search for and view mailboxes to move
Select * from Mailboxes
where loginName = 'LoginToMove'

Update mailbox with new data
Update Mailboxes
set segmentID = newsegment#, topicID = newtopic#, filterID = newtopic#
where loginName = 'LoginToMove'

If you don't set the topic and filter to an appropriate value, the web service used to retrieve the mailbox list will crash and you will not see any mailboxes within the Admin Tools-Segment-Mailboxes tab. However, as soon as you set these to an appropriate value the mailbox will be visible in that tab and you can edit it as desired from the web interface.

Also, all interactions previously received or sent via that mailbox will retain the old SegmentID. They will NOT be moved to the new segment.

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